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Complete downloadable Test Bank for University Chemistry with Student Access Kit for MasteringGeneralChemistry 1st Edition by Siska. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: University Chemistry with Student Access Kit for MasteringGeneralChemistry
EDITION: 1st Edition

Table of content

1. Physical Principles Underlying Chemistry.
2. The Quantum Revolution: The Failure of Everyday Notions to Apply to Atoms.
3. Wave Mechanics and the Hydrogen Atom: Quantum Numbers, Energy Levels, and Orbitals.
4. Atoms with Many Electrons and the Periodic Table.
5. Valence Electron Configurations, Periodicity, and Chemical Behavior.
6. Orbitals and Chemical Bonding I: The Valence Bond Model and Molecular Geometry.
7. Orbitals and Chemical Bonding II: The Molecular Orbital Model and Molecular Energy Levels.
8. Molecular Motion and Spectroscopy.
9. Properties of Gases and the Kinetic Molecular Theory.
10. Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions.
11. Spontaneity of Chemical Reactions.
12. Free Energy and Chemical Equilibrium.
13. Electrochemistry.
14. States of Matter and Intermolecular Forces.
15. Rates and Mechanisms of Chemical Reactions.
16. The Nucleus.
17. The Transition Metals.
18. The Chemistry of Carbon. Appendices.

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