Introduction to Terms

The terms and implications herein visited will govern all operations, regulations and transactions between the site owner of and any third party including visitors, buyers, vendors, agencies, partners and clients.


Implementation of Terms

The conditions and instances of execution of these terms include visiting, purchasing or attempting to purchase, browsing, promoting or sharing any data, available exclusively or otherwise, on or any other associated website as designated by the site owner or agents thereof.

Ownership of Materials

All the data displayed and hosted belongs to the site owner or vendors and sellers with the right of display owned by the site owner. Non-exclusive information remains an exception while the presentation and format of the same is subject to the copyright and property rights of the site owner. Any user, visitor, vendor or client gains only a non-exclusive one time contract of usage for the material paid for while the non-buyable material remains with restriction of usage by any party unless otherwise instructed actively or through general explicit notification on the website, newsletters or promotions originating only from the site owner.

Buyer Rights and Conditions

All users purchasing any material from the website are expected to be non-commercial users with no intention of sharing or spreading the data purchased. Any discrepancy to the above shall result in immediate suspension of accessibility pursued by legal and technical actions as needed to stop further usage and damage to the interests of the site owner. All actions during the purchase and access are to be manual and utilitarian and any activity to the contrary including scripts, macros, link based downloads or any other third party ware used shall be considered a hacking attack on the website, resulting in necessary security action. Adherence to legal, academic, institutional and ethical standards of any setting of the customer is assumed to the understanding and practice of the user.

Usage of Material

Any benefits and issues whatsoever, arising from the usage of the purchased data is the sole liability of the customer and the site shall stand in no responsibility for the same. Any instance of usage of material for any commercial purpose resulting in direct or indirect benefit to the direct buyer or any party in connection to the same is considered a severe violation and shall result in preventive action or legal penalties as designated by the site owner.

Rebates, Offers and Discounts

The site owner holds the exclusive rights of implementation, initiation, refusal or removal of any offer, discount code, coupon, offer or promotional contracts for any product provided on the website. The site owner or their agents do not post or promote any third party coupon providers and are not liable for any losses arising from the usage of the same.

Refunds and Disputes

The products sold on the website are digital downloads and hence not returnable. All disputes and refunds are expected to be resolved via correspondence or through the regulations of the payment gateway.


Any disputes pertaining to issues raised within the above terms abiding shall be dealt with based on the respective courts of law per the filing and ensuing of the second  party of the dispute.