This document is referred as “Privacy Policy” and explains how uses the data collected keeping in view the privacy of a user:-

For what purpose uses collected data?

  1. We uses your email id to send Paypal Invoice for Payment.
  2. We uses to send email regarding your purchase if required.
  3. We uses email to reply your issue / queries regarding our product.

Do uses your collected data for Marketing Purpose?

No, has very strict policy to protect privacy of our user and we do not use this data for any marketing purpose whatsoever.

Neither we sell your data to any third party marketing company for marketing purpose.

We feel data collected from users is their private property and should never be used for any purpose other than the purposed related to purchase of our sales.

Children’s Privacy Policy:

We abide by KRS Chapter 531 and KRS 529.030., making it unlawful to deal with minor age customers in any manner. All activities other than viewing are prohibited to legal age minors according to the pertaining state laws applicable in the customer’s location. In case of occurrence of underage usage, the site does not hold any liability and shall deal with the issue on a case by case basis. The Site Owner expects parents or guardians to prevent and in case of a purchase being made by their ward, hold accountability for the action.

Redirecting & Privacy:

The Website does not actively redirect users to any third party site for the purposes of advertisement or promotions. Posting any such links in comments, reviews or testimonials may lead to banning the perpetrator from using the Website further post to removal of the whole content containing the links. The only redirection that may occur is to the third-party payment gateway during the checkout process. Users are requested to go through the privacy policy of the payment gateway and the information provided there shall not be covered under the retention, storage and usage policy of this Website.

Personal Information Usage:

The name and email of users collected during the purchase of a product is used only for delivery and support. The Website may use this information for internal purposes such as promotions, newsletters and email campaigns if not opted out by the user. The user, however, may opt out any time by changing the same on his/her account settings, using the link provided for the purpose in all email conversations or by a request to the support team via email or chat. This exclusion does not extend to mandatory communications from the website for purposes including pending payments, clearances, fulfillment of product requests, issue resolution, dues or other obligations to the website as agreed by the customer during the time of purchase.

Non Personal Information Usage:

IP address and location of the customer is collected by default right from the time of the first visit to the Website. This information is used only for internal non commercial purposes such as projections, sales trends and marker analysis along with scrutiny to ban the user based on locations not serviceable by our Website. Unfair usage or intentional misdirection in relation to the location or IP address of the user including using Proxy or Masked IP addresses shall result in banning, and the Site does not hold any liability arising due to losses of information or payments made by the banned users.

Response to Fraudulent Transactions:

Complaints of identity theft, unauthorized usage or credit card misuse needs to be backed up by legal evidence in order to be validated by the website. Usage of the customers payment information by another party without pursuant legal action on part of the cardholder, based only on the say so, is not considered valid reason for refunds or cancellations of the products immaterial of the product usage.

Information Security:

The Site Owner declares not to use any information collected during the automated processes such as checkout, and forms or personal verification on chats or emails for any reselling, distribution or sharing. The confidentiality thus maintained is valid unless such information is requested by a court of law or by the user themselves for evidence or personal usage. Payment information is never collected by the website (only the third-party payment gateway) and any event of any member of staff requesting such information must be denied and reported immediately to the Site Owner. Users are requested to avoid providing payment information or make requests to use the same to pay on behalf of the users at any point of time, immaterial of the trust factor generated.

Rights to Modification:

The above policies are the property of the Website and the Site Owner holds complete rights to change, revoke or modify them without prior notification. All rights of interpretation rests with the Site Owner and any attempt to circumvent the same shall result in banning of the user with no liabilities for any losses arising therein.