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Complete downloadable Test Bank for Business Law Principles for Todays Commercial Environment 2nd Edition by Twomey. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Business Law Principles for Today’s Commercial Environment
EDITION: 2nd Edition
AUTHOR: Twomey, Jennings
PUBLISHER: Cengage Learning

Table of content

1. The Nature and Sources of Law.
2. The Court System and Dispute Resolution.
3. Business Ethics, Social Forces, and the Law.
4. The Constitution as the Foundation of the Legal Environment.
5. Government Regulation of Competition and Prices.
6. Administrative Agencies.
7. The Legal Environment of International Trade.
8. Crimes.
9. Torts.
10. Intellectual Property Rights and the Internet.
11. Cyberlaw.
12. Nature and Classes of Contracts: Contracting on the Internet.
13. Formation of Contracts: Offer and Acceptance.
14. Capacity and Genuine Assent.
15. Consideration.
16. Legality and Public Policy.
17. Writing, Electronic Forms, and Interpretation of Contracts.
18. Third Persons and Contracts.
19. Discharge of Contracts.
20. Breach of Contract and Remedies.
21. Personal Property and Bailments.
22. Legal Aspects of Supply Chain Management.
23. Nature and Form of Sales.
24. Title and Risk of Loss.
25. Product Liability: Warranties and Torts.
26. Obligations and Performance.
27. Remedies for Breach of Sales Contracts.
28. Kinds of instruments, parties, and negotiability.
29. Transfers of negotiable instruments and warranties of parties.
30. Liability of the parties under negotiable instruments.
31. Checks and funds transfers.
32. Nature of the Debtor/Creditor Relationship.
33. Consumer protection.
34. Secured transactions in Personal Property.
35. Bankruptcy.
36. Insurance.
37. Agency.
38. Third persons in agency.
39. Regulation of employment.
40. Equal employment opportunity law
41. Types of business organizations.
42. Partnerships.
43. LPs, LLCs, and LLPs.
44. Corporation Formation.
45. Shareholder rights in corporations.
46. Securities regulation.
47. Accountants’ liability and malpractice.
48. Management of corporations.
49. Real property.
50. Environmental law and land use controls.
51. Leases.
52. Decedents’ estates and trusts.

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