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Complete downloadable Solutions Manual for A History of Mathematics 3rd Edition by Katz. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: A History of Mathematics
RESOURCE:Solutions Manual
EDITION: 3rd Edition

Table of content

1. Egypt and Mesopotamia.
2. The Beginnings of Mathematics in Greece.
3. Euclid.
4. Archimedes and Apollonius.
5. Mathematical Methods in Hellenistic Times.
6. The Final Chapter of Greek Mathematics.
7. Ancient and Medieval China.
8. Ancient and Medieval India.
9. The Mathematics of Islam.
10. Medieval Europe.
11. Mathematics Elsewhere.
12. Algebra in the Renaissance.
13. Mathematical Methods in the Renaissance.
14. Geometry, Algebra and Probability in the Seventeenth Century.
15. The Beginnings of Calculus.
16. Newton and Leibniz.
17. Analysis in the Eighteenth Century.
18. Probability and Statistics in the Eighteenth Century.
19. Algebra and Number Theory in the Eighteenth Century.
20. Geometry in the Eighteenth Century.
21. Algebra and Number Theory in the Nineteenth Century.
22. Analysis in the Nineteenth Century.
23. Probability and Statistics in the Nineteenth Century.
24. Geometry in the Nineteenth Century.
25. Aspects of the Twentieth Century.

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