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Complete downloadable Test Bank for World Trade and Payments An Introduction 10th Edition by Caves. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: World Trade and Payments An Introduction
EDITION: 10th Edition
AUTHOR: Caves, Frankel, Jones

Table of content

1. Introduction
2. The Gains from Trade
3. Applications of the Basic Model.
4. Technology and International Income Distribution: The Ricardian Model
5: Factor Endowments and Trade I: Specific Factors
6: Factor Endowments and Trade II: The Heckscher-Ohlin Model
7: Imperfect Competition, Increasing Returns, and Product Variety
8: Resource Trade, Outsourcing, and Product Fragmentation
9: International Factor Movements: Labor and Capital
10. Protection and the National Welfare.
11. The Political Economy of Protection.
12. Trade Policy and Imperfect Competition.
13. Trade Controls in Practice.
14. Preferential Arrangements and Regional Issues in Trade Policy.
15. The Balance of Payments Accounts.
16. The Foreign Exchange Market and Trade: Elasticities.
17. National Income and the Trade Balance.
18. Spending and the Exchange Rate in the Keynesian Model.
19. The Money Supply, the Price Level, and the Balance of Payments.
20. Developing Countries and Other Small Open Economies with Non-Traded Goods.
21. The Globalization of Financial Markets.
22. The Mundell – Fleming Model with Partial International Capital Mobility.
23. Fiscal and Monetary Policy Under Modern Financial Market Conditions.
24. Crises in Emerging Markets.
25. Interdependence and Policy Coordination.
26. Supply and Inflation.
27. Expectations, Money and the Determination of the Exchange Rate.
28. Exchange Rate Forecasting and Risk.

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