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Complete downloadable Test Bank for The Writers Workplace with Readings Building College Writing Skills 8th Edition by Scarry. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: The Writer’s Workplace with Readings Building College Writing Skills
EDITION: 8th Edition
AUTHOR: Scarry, Scarry
PUBLISHER: Cengage Learning

Table of content

1. Gathering Ideas for Writing.
2. Recognizing the Elements of Good Writing.
3. Finding Subjects and Verbs in Simple Sentences.
4. Making Subjects and Verbs Agree.
5. Understanding Fragments and Phrases.
6. Combining Sentences Using Three Options for Coordination.
7. Combining Sentences Using Subordination.
8. Correcting Fragments and Run-Ons.
9. Choosing Correct Pronouns.
10. Working with Adjectives, Adverbs, and Parallel Structure.
11. Mastering Irregular Verb Forms.
12. Mastering Verb Tenses.
13. Using Correct Capitalization and Punctuation.
14. Choosing Words That Work.
15. Paying Attention to Look-Alikes and Sound-Alikes.
16. Working with Paragraphs: Topic Sentences and Controlling Ideas.
17. Working with Paragraphs: Supporting Details.
18. Developing Paragraphs: Illustration.
19. Developing Paragraphs: Narration.
20. Developing Paragraphs: Description.
21. Developing Paragraphs: Process Analysis.
22. Developing Paragraphs: Comparison/Contrast.
23. Developing Paragraphs: Cause and Effect.
24. Developing Paragraphs: Definition and Analysis.
25. Developing Paragraphs: Classification.
26. Moving From the Paragraph to the Essay.
27. Following the Progress of a Student Essay.
28. Writing an Essay Using Examples, Illustrations, or Anecdotes.
29. Writing an Essay Using Narration.
30. Writing an Essay Using Process Analysis.
31. Writing an Essay Using Comparison/Contrast.
32. Writing an Essay Using Persuasion.
33. Other College Writing: The Research Paper and The Essay Exam.

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