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Complete downloadable Test Bank for The American Nation A History of the United States Combined Volume 13th Edition by Carnes. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: The American Nation A History of the United States Combined Volume
EDITION: 13th Edition
AUTHOR: Carnes, Garraty

Table of content

1. Alien Encounters: Europe in the Americas
2. American Society in the Making
3. America in the British Empire
4. The American Revolution
5. The Federalist Era: Nationalism Triumphant
6. Jeffersonian Democracy
7. National Growing Pains
8. Toward a National Economy
9. Jacksonian Democracy
10. The Making of Middle-Class America
11. Westward Expansion
12. The Sections Go Their Ways
13. The Coming of the Civil War
14. The War to Save the Union
15. The War to Save the Union
16. The Conquest of the West
17. An Industrial Giant
18. American Society in the Industrial Age
19. Intellectual and Cultural Trends
20. Politics: Local, State, and National
21. The Age of Reform
22. From Isolation to Empire
23. Woodrow Wilson and the Great War
24. Postwar Society and Culture: Change and Adjustment
25. The New Era: 1921—1933
26. The New Deal: 1933—1941
27. War and Peace
28. The American Century
29. From Camelot to Watergate
30. Society in Flux
31. Running on Empty: The Nation Transformed
32. Misdemeanors and High Crimes Appendix

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