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Complete downloadable Test Bank for Seeing Ourselves Classic Contemporary and Cross-Cultural Readings in Sociology 7th Edition by Macionis. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Seeing Ourselves Classic Contemporary and Cross-Cultural Readings in Sociology
EDITION: 7th Edition
AUTHOR: Macionis, Benokraitis

Table of content

1. “The Sociological Imagination” by C. Wright Mills
2. “Invitation to Sociology” by Peter L. Berger
3. “Teenage Wasteland” by Donna Gaines*
4. “Women and the Birth of Sociology” by Patricia Madoo-Lengermann and Jill Niebrugge-Brantley*
5. “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” by Horace Miner
6. “The Case for Value-Free Sociology” by Max Weber
7. “The Importance of Social Research” by Earl Babbie
8. “Arab Women in the Field” by Soraya Altorki
9. “Symbol: The Basic Element of Culture” by Leslie A. White
10. “Manifest and Latent Functions” by Robert K. Merton
11. “Cultural Obsessions with Thinness: African American, Latina, and White Women” by Becky W. Thompson
12. “India’s Sacred Cow” by Marvin Harris
13. “Manifesto and the Communist Party” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
14. “Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft” by Ferdinand Tönnies
15. “Unmarried with Children” by Kathryn Edin and Maria Kefalas*
16. “The Amish: A Small Society” by John A. Hostetler
17. “The Self” by George Herbert Mead
18. “Boyhood, Organized Sports, and the Construction of Masculinities” by Michael A. Messner*
19. “Socialization and the Power of Advertising” by Jean Kilbourne
20. “Parents’ Socialization of Children in Global Perspective” by D. Terri Heath
21. “The Dyad and the Triad,” by Georg Simmel
22. “The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life” by Erving Goffman
23. “Invisible Privilege” by Paula S. Rothenberg*
24. “You Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in Conversation” by Deborah Tannen
25. “The DOs and TABOOs of Body Language around the World” by Roger E. Axtell
26. “Primary Groups” by Charles Horton Cooley
27. “The Characteristics of Bureaucracy” by Max Weber
28. “McJobs: McDonaldization and the Workplace” by George Ritzer
29. “Even If I Don’t Know What I’m Doing, I Can Make It Look Like I Do: Becoming a Doctor in Canada” by Brenda L. Beagan*
30. “The Functions of Crime” by Emile Durkheim
31. “On Being Sane in Insane Places” by Donald L. Rosenhan
32. “The Code of the Streets” by Elijah Anderson
33. “Prostitution: A Worldwide Business of Sexual Exploitation” by Melissa Farley*
34. “Understanding Sexual Orientation” by Alfred C. Kinsey, Wardell B. Pomeroy, and Clyde E. Martin
35. “Sex in America: How Many Partners Do We Have?” by Robert T. Michael, John H. Gagnon, Edward O. Laumann, and Gina Kolata
36. “Homosexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective” by J. M. Carrier
37. “Some Principles of Stratification” by Kingsley Davis and Wilbert Moore, with a response by Melvin Tumin
38. “Who Has How Much and Why” by Andrew Hacker
39. “The Uses of Global Poverty: How Economic Inequality Benefits the West” by Daina Stukuls Eglitis
40. “Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies” by Margaret Mead
41. “‘Night to His Day’: The Social Construction of Gender” by Judith Lorber*
42. “How Subtle Sex Discrimination Works” by Nijole V. Benokraitis
43. “Domestic Violence: A Cross-Cultural View” by Elaine Leeder*
44. “The Souls of Black Folk” by W. E. B. Du Bois
45. “Controlling Images and Black Women’s Oppression” by Patricia Hill Collins
46. “How Did Jews Become White Folks?” by Karen Brodkin Sacks
47. “Out of Harmony: Health Problems and Young Native American Men” by Jennie R. Joe
48. “The Tragedy of Old Age in America” by Robert N. Butler
49. “How the Grandparent Role is Changing” by Roseann Giarrusso, Merril Silverstein, and Vern L. Bengston
50. “Our Aging World” by Frank B. Hobbs and Bonnie L. Damon
51. “Alienated Labor” by Karl Marx
53. “When Work Disappears” by William Julius Wilson
54. “Getting a Job in Harlem: Experiences of African American, Puerto Rican, and Dominican Youth” by Katherine S. Newman
55. “The Power Elite” by C. Wright Mills
56. “Who’s Running America?” by Thomas R. Dye*
57. “The Roots of Terrorism” by The 9/11 Commission*
58. “‘His’ and ‘Her’ Marriage” by Jessie Bernard
59. “The Mommy Myth” by Susan J. Douglas and Meredith W. Michaels*
60. “Mate Selection and Marriage around the World” by Bron B. Ingoldsby
61. “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” by Max Weber
62. “How Student Life is Different at Religious Colleges” by Naomi Schaefer Riley*
63. “Women and Islam” by Jane I. Smith
64. “Education and Inequality” by Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis
65. “Savage Inequalities: Children in U.S. Schools” by Jonathan Kozol
66. “Japanese Mothers as the Best Teachers” by Keiko Hirao*
67. “The Social Structure of Medicine” by Talcott Parsons
68. “The Slaughterhouse: The Most Dangerous Job” by Eric Schlosser*
69. “Female Genital Mutilation” by Efua Dorkenoo and Scilla Elworthy
70. “The Metropolis and Mental Life” by Georg Simmel
71. “Urbanism as a Way of Life” by Louis Wirth
72. “Urban Sprawl: The Formation of Edge Cities” by John J. Macionis and Vincent R. Parrillo
73. “Let’s Reduce Global Population!” by J. Kenneth Smail
74. “Why Humanity Faces Ultimate Catastrophe” by Thomas Robert Malthus
75. “Rich Planet, Poor Planet: Global Environment and Poverty” by Christopher Flavin
76. “Supporting Indigenous Peoples” by Alan Thein Durning
77. “On the Origins of Social Movements” by Jo Freeman
78. “The Animal Rights Movement as a Moral Crusade” by James M. Jasper and Dorothy Nelkin
79. “Abortion Movements in Poland, Great Britain, and the United States” by Janet Hadley
80. “Anomy and Modern Life” by Emile Durkheim
81. “The Disenchantment of Modern Life” by Max Weber
82. “The American Paradox: Spiritual Hunger in an Age of Plenty” by David G. Myers
83. “The Price of Modernization: The Case of Brazil’s Kaiapo Indians” by Marlise Simons