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Complete downloadable Test Bank for Prehospital Emergency Care 9th Edition by Mistovich. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Prehospital Emergency Care
EDITION: 9th Edition
AUTHOR: Mistovich, Hafen, Karren

Table of content

Ch. 1 Introduction to Emergency Medical Care
Ch. 2 The Well-Being of the EMT-Basic
Ch. 3 Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
Ch. 4 The Human Body
Ch. 5 Baseline Vital Sings and History Taking
Ch. 6 Preparing to Lift and Move Patients
Ch. 7 Airway Management, Ventilation, and Oxygen Therapy
Ch. 8 Scene Size-up
Ch. 9 Patient Assessment
Ch. 10 Assessment of Geriatric Patients
Ch. 11 Communication
Ch. 12 Documentation
Ch. 13 General Pharmacology
Ch. 14 Respiratory Emergencies
Ch. 15 Cardiac Emergencies
Ch. 16 Automated External Defibrillation
Ch. 17 Altered Mental Status and Diabetic Emergencies
Ch. 18 Acute Stroke: Altered Speech, Sensory Function, Motor Function, or Mental
Ch. 19 Seizures and Syncope
Ch. 20 Allergic Reaction
Ch. 21 Poisoning Emergencies
Ch. 22 Drug and Alcohol Emergencies
Ch. 23 Acute Abdominal Pain
Ch. 24 Environmental Emergencies
Ch. 25 Submersion, Drowning, and Diving Emergencies
Ch. 26 Behavioral Emergencies
Ch. 27 Obstetric and Gynecological Emergencies
Ch. 28 Mechanisms of Injury: Kinetics of Trauma
Ch. 29 Bleeding and Shock
Ch. 30 Soft Tissue Injuries
Ch. 31 Burn Emergencies
Ch. 32 Musculoskeletal Injuries
Ch. 33 Injuries to the Head
Ch. 34 Injuries to the Spine
Ch. 35 Eye, Face, and Neck Injuries
Ch. 36 Chest, Abdomen, and Genitalia Injuries
Ch. 37 Agricultural and Industrial Emergencies
Ch. 38 Infants and Children
Ch. 39 Moving Patients
Ch. 40 Ambulance Operations
Ch. 41 Gaining Access and Extrication
Ch. 42 Hazardous Materials Emergencies
Ch. 43 Multiple-Casualty Incidents
Ch. 44 EMS Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction
Ch. 45 Advanced Airway Management

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