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Complete downloadable Test Bank for OM 2nd Edition by Collier. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
EDITION: 2nd Edition
AUTHOR: Collier, Evans
PUBLISHER: Cengage Learning

Table of content

Chapter 1: Epidemiological Apporaches to Population Health – Stephen Bezruchka
Chapter 2: Sociological Perspectives on Health and Health Care – Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
Chapter 3: Health and Health Care: A Political Economy Perspective – David Coburn
Chapter 4: The Right to Health: Human Rights Approaches to Health – Marcia Rioux
Chapter 5: Researching Health: Knowledge Paradigms, Methodologies, and Methods – Toba Bryant, Dennis Raphael, and Marcia Rioux
Chapter 6: Social Determinants of Health: An Overview of Concepts and Issues – Dennis Raphael
Chapter 7: Social Class and Health Inequalities – Julie McMullin and Lorraine Davies
Chapter 8: Gender, Race, and Health Inequalities – Ann Pederson, Dennis Raphael, and Ellisa Johnson
Chapter 9: Politics, Public Policy, and Health Inequalities – Toba Bryant
Chapter 10: Cracks in the Foundation: The Origins and Development of the Canadian and American Health Care Systems – Georgina Feldberg, Robert Vipond, and Toba Bryant
Chapter 11: Evolution of Health Care Policy: Deconstructing Divergent Approaches – Mary E. Wiktorowicz
Chapter 12: The Provision of Care: Professions, Politics, and Profit – Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
Chapter 13: Gender, Health, and Care – Pat Armstrong
Chapter 14: Constructing Disability and Illness – Marcia Rioux and Tamara Daly
Chapter 15: Pharmaceutical Policy: The Dance between Industry, Government, and the Medical Profession – Joel Lexchin
Chapter 16: The Political Economy of Public Health: Public Health Concerns in Canada, the U.S., U.K., Norway, and Sweden – Dennis Raphael and Toba Bryant
Chapter 17: Toward the Future: Current Themes in Health Research and Practice in Canada – Toba Bryant, Dennis Raphael, and Marcia Rioux

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