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Complete downloadable Test Bank for Introduction to Marine Biology 4th Edition by Karleskint. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Introduction to Marine Biology
EDITION: 4th Edition
AUTHOR: Karleskint, Turner, Small
PUBLISHER: Cengage Learning

Table of content

1. Science and Marine Biology.
2. Fundamentals of Ecology.
3. Geology of the Ocean.
4. 4. Water, Waves, and Tides.
5. Biological Concepts.
6. Marine Microbes.
7. Multicellular Primary Producers.
8. Lower Invertebrates.
9. Higher Invertebrates.
10. Marine Fishes.
11. Marine Reptiles and Birds.
12. Marine Mammals.
13. Intertidal Communities.
14. Estuaries.
15. Coral Reef Communities.
16. Continental Shelves and Neritic Zone.
17. The Open Sea.
18. Life in the Ocean’s Depths.
19. Harvesting the Ocean’s Resources.
20. Oceans in Jeopardy.

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