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Complete downloadable Test Bank for International Economics Theory and Policy 7th Edition by Krugman. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: International Economics Theory and Policy
EDITION: 7th Edition
AUTHOR: Krugman, Obstfeld

Table of content

1. Introduction.
2. World Trade: An Overview.
3. Labor Productivity and Comparative Advantage: The Ricardian Model.
4. Resources, Comparative Advantage, and Income Distribution.
5. The Standard Trade Model.
6. Economies of Scale, Imperfect Competition, and International Trade.
7. International Factor Movements.
8. The Instruments of Trade Policy.
9. The Political Economy of Trade Policy.
10. Trade Policy in Developing Countries.
11. Controversies in Trade Policy.
12. National Income Accounting and the Balance of Payments.
13. Exchange Rates and the Foreign Exchange Market: An Asset Approach.
14. Money, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates.
15. Price Levels and the Exchange Rate in the Long Run.
16. Output and the Exchange Rate in the Short Run.
17. Fixed Exchange Rates and Foreign Exchange Intervention.
18. The International Monetary System, 1870-1973.
19. Macroeconomic Policy and Coordination Under Floating Exchange Rates.
20. Optimum Currency Areas and The European Experience.
21. The Global Capital Market: Performance and Policy Problems.
22. Developing Countries: Growth, Crisis, and Reform.

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