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Complete downloadable Test Bank for Humankind Emerging 9th Edition by Campbell. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Humankind Emerging
EDITION: 9th Edition
AUTHOR: Campbell, Loy, Cruz-Uribe

Table of content

1. The Search for Human Origins.
2. Evolutionary Mechanisms.
3. Humans among the Primates.
4. The Behavior of Living Primates.
5. Apes and Other Ancestors: Prehominin Evolution.
6. South African Hominins.
7. East Africa and the Sahel: A Multitude of Australopiths.
8. East Africa: The Advent of Homo
9. The Evolution of Hominin Behavior.
10. Discovering Homo erectus .
11. Environment, Technology, and Society of Homo erectus .
12. Homo heidelbergensis and the Advent of the Hunting Way of Life.
13. The Evolution of Language and the Brain.
14. The Neandertal Enigma
15. The Final Transformation: The Evolution of Modern Humans.
16. The Advent of Modern Culture
17. The Human Condition.

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