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Complete downloadable Test Bank for Fluency with Information Technology Skills Concepts and Capabilities 4th Edition by Lawrence Snyder. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Fluency with Information Technology Skills Concepts and Capabilities
EDITION: 4th Edition
AUTHOR: Lawrence Snyder

Table of content

Chapter 1 Defining Information Technology
Chapter 2 Exploring the Human—Computer Interface
Chapter 3 The Basics of Networking
Chapter 4 A Hypertext Markup Language Primer
Chapter 5 Locating Information on the WWW
Chapter 6 A Case Study in Online Research
Chapter 7 An Introduction to Debugging
Chapter 8 Representing Information Digitally
Chapter 9 Principles of Computer Operations
Chapter 10 Algorithmic Thinking
Chapter 11 Representing Multimedia Digitally
Chapter 12 Social Implications of IT
Chapter 13 Privacy and Digital Security
Chapter 14 The Basics of Spreadsheets
Chapter 15 Advanced Spreadsheets for Planning
Chapter 16 Introduction to Database Concepts
Chapter 17 A Case Study in Database Organization
Chapter 18 Fundamental Concepts Expressed in JavaScript
Chapter 19 A JavaScript Program
Chapter 20 Programming Functions
Chapter 21 Iteration Principles
Chapter 22 A Case Study in Algorithmic Problem Solving
Chapter 23 Limits to Computation
Chapter 24 A Fluency Summary Appendices