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Complete downloadable Test Bank for Elements of Ecology 8th Edition by Smith. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Elements of Ecology
EDITION: 8th Edition
AUTHOR: Smith, Smith

Table of content

1. The Nature of Ecology
2. Climate
3. The Aquatic Environment
4. The Terrestrial Environment
5. Ecological Genetics: Adaptation and Natural Selection
6. Plant Adaptations to the Environment
7. Animal Adaptations to the Environment
8. Properties of Populations
9. Population Growth
10. Life History
11. Intraspecific Population Regulation
12. Metapopulations
13. Species Interactions, Population Dynamics and Natural Selection
14. Interspecific Competition
15. Predation
16. Parasitism and Mutualism
17. Community Structure
18. Factors Influencing the Structure of Communities
19. Community Dynamics
20. Landscape Ecology
21. Ecosystem Energetics
22. Decomposition and Nutrient Cycling
23. Biogeochemical Cycles
24. Terrestrial Ecosystems
25. Coastal and Wetland Ecosystems
26. Land-Water Margins
27. Large-scale Patterns of Biological Diversity
28. Population Growth, Resource Use, and Sustainability
29. Habitat Loss, Biodiversity, and Conservation
30 Global Climate Change

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