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Complete downloadable Test Bank for Concepts of Chemical Dependency 7th Edition by Doweiko. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Concepts of Chemical Dependency
EDITION: 7th Edition
AUTHOR: Doweiko
PUBLISHER: Cengage Learning

Table of content

1.Why Worry About Recreational Chemical Abuse?
2.Statement of the Problem of Substance Abuse Disorders.
3. The Medical Model of Chemical Addiction.
4. Psychosocial Models of Substance Use Disorders.
5.Addiction as a Disease of the Human Spirit.
6.An Introduction to Pharmacology.
7.Alcohol: The Oldest Recreational Chemical.
8.Chronic Alcohol Abuse and Addiction.
9.Abuse and Addiction to the Barbiturates and Barbiturate-like Drugs.
10. Abuse of and Addiction to Benzodiazepines and Similar Agents.
11.Abuse of and Addiction to Amphetamines and CNS Stimulants.
13.Marijuana Abuse and Addiction.
14. BOpioid Abuse/Addiction.
15.Hallucinogen Abuse and Addiction.
16.Abuse of and Addiction to the Inhalants and Aerosols.
17.The Unrecognized Problem of Steroid Abuse and Addiction.
18. The Over-the Counter Analgesics: Unexpected Agents of Abuse.
19. Tobacco Products and Nicotine Addiction.
20.Chemicals and the Neonate: The Consequences of Drug Abuse During Pregnancy.
21. Gender and Substance Abuse Disorders.
22.The Hidden Faces of Chemical Dependency.
23.Chemical Abuse by Children and Adolescents.
24.The Dual-Diagnosis Clien: Chemical Addiction and Mental Illness.
25.Codependency and Enabling.
26.Addiction and the Family.
27.The Evaluation of Substance Use Problems.
28.The Process of Intervention.
29.The Treatment of Chemical Dependency.
30.The Process of Recovery.
31.Treatment Formats for Chemical-Dependency Rehabilitation.
32.Problems Frequently Encountered in the Treatment of Chemical Dependency.
33.Pharmacological Intervention Tactics and Substance Abuse.
34.Substance Abuse/Addiction and Infectious Disease.
35.Self-Help Groups.
36.Crime and Drug Use.
37.The Debate Around Legalization. Appendices.

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