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Complete downloadable Test Bank for Chemistry The Molecular Science 3rd Edition by Moore. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Chemistry The Molecular Science
EDITION: 3rd Edition
AUTHOR: Moore, Stanitski, Jurs
PUBLISHER: Cengage Learning

Table of content

1.The Nature of Chemistry.
2.Atoms and Elements.
3.Chemical Compounds.
4.Quantities of Reactants and Products.
5.Chemical Reactions.
6.Energy and Chemical Reactions.
7. Electron Configurations and the Periodic Table.
8.Covalent Bonding.
9. Molecular Structures.
10.Gases and the Atmosphere.
11.Liquids, Solids, and Materials.
12.Fuels, Organic Chemicals, and Polymers.
13.Chemical Kinetics: Rates of Reactions.
14.Chemical Equilibrium.
15.The Chemistry of Solutes and Solutions.
16.Acids and Bases.
17.Additional Aqueous Equilibria.
18.Thermodynamics: Directionality of Chemical Reactions.
19.Electrochemistry and Its Applications.
20. Nuclear Chemistry.
21.The Chemistry of the Main Group Elements.
22.Chemistry of Selected Transition Elements and Coordination Compounds.

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