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Complete downloadable Test Bank for Cengage Advantage Books Business Law 8th Edition by Goldman. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Cengage Advantage Books Business Law
EDITION: 8th Edition
AUTHOR: Goldman, Sigismond
PUBLISHER: Cengage Learning

Table of content

1. Foundations of Law and the Role of Ethics in Business.
2. The Federal and State Court Systems and Their Constitutional Foundation.
3. Criminal Law: Traditional and Cybercrimes.
4. Tort Law: Traditional and Cybertorts.
5. Litigation and Alternatives for Settling
6. Contract Law: A Beginning.
7. Agreement: Offer and Acceptance.
8. Consideration.
9. Capacity.
10. Legality.
11. Formal Requirements–Statute of Frauds/E-Signatures.
12. Transfer of Contract Rights and Duties.
13. The Termination of Contracts: Discharge.
14. The Termination of Contracts: Breach of Contract.
15. Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts.
16. The Sales Contract: Transfer of Title and Risk of Loss.
17. The Sales Contract: Performance, Breach, and Remedies for Breach.
18. Products Liability Law.
19. Nature and Types of Negotiable Instruments.
20. Issue, Transfer, and Discharge of Negotiable Instruments.
21. Rights and Duties of Parties.
22. Checks, the Banking System, and E-Money.
23. Employer-Employee Relationship.
24. Principal-Agent Relationship.
25. Principal-Agent, Employer-Employee, and Third-Party Relationships.
26. Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Organizations.
27. Corporations and Franchising.
28. Government Regulation of Business.
29. Basic Legal Concepts of Property.
30. Renting Real Property.
31. Buying and Selling Real Property.
32. Nature and Types of Bailments.
33. Special Bailments.
34. Wills, Intestacy, and Estate Planning.
35. Protecting the Consumer and the Taxpayer.
36. Protecting the Borrower.
37. Protecting the Creditor.
38. Property, Casualty, and Automobile Insurance.
39. Personal Insurance.

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