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Complete downloadable Test Bank for Business Communication 7th Edition by Scot Ober. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Business Communication
EDITION: 7th Edition
AUTHOR: Scot Ober
PUBLISHER: Cengage Learning

Table of content

1. Understanding Business Communication Communicating in Organizations The Components of Communication Verbal Communication Directions of Communication Barriers to Communication Introducing the 3Ps (Problem, Process, Product) Model The 3Ps in Action (Problem, Process, Product): Using Euphemisms Apropriately Appendix: Urban Systems, Inc.
2. Contemporary Issues in Business Communication Contemporary Business Communication Issues Communicating in Work Teams Communicating in a Diverse Environment Ethics and Communication Communicating via E-Mail The 3Ps in Action (Problem, Process, Product): Writing an Ethical Statement
3. Interpersonal Communication Skills Nonverbal Communication Listening Communicating by Telephone Business Meetings The 3Ps in Action (Problem, Process, Product): A Plan for a Business Meeting II. Developing Your Business Writing Skills
4. The Writing Process An Overview of the Writing Process Planning Drafting Revising Formatting and Proofreading The 3Ps in Action (Problem, Process, Product): A Simple Memo
5. Revising Your Writing What Do We Mean by Style? Choosing the Right Words Writing Effective Sentences Developing Logical Paragraphs Creating an Appropriate Tone Effective Business Writing The 3Ps in Action (Problem, Process, Product): Writing an Unbiased Message III. Correspondence
6. Routine Messages Planning the Routine Message Routine Requests Routine Replies Routine Claim Letters Routine Adjustment Letters Goodwill Messages The 3Ps in Action (Problem, Process, Product): A Routine Adjustment Letter
7. Persuasive Messages Planning the Persuasive Message Organizing a Persuasive Request Common Types of Persuasive Requests Writing a Sales Letter The 3Ps in Action (Problem, Process, Product): A Sales Letter
8. Bad-News Messages Planning the Bad-News Message Bad-News Replies Announcing Bad News The 3Ps in Action (Problem, Process, Product): A Bad-News Message IV. Report Writing
9. Planning the Report and Managing Data Who Reads and Writes Reports? What Data Is Already Available? Collecting and Evaluating Data on the Internet Collecting Data Through Questionnaires Constructing Tables Preparing Charts Interpreting the Data The 3Ps in Action (Problem, Process, Product): A Questionnaire
10. Writing the Report Planning Drafting Developing an Effective Writing Style Documenting Your Sources Refining Your Draft The 3Ps in Action (Problem, Process, Product): A Section of a Report V. Oral and Employment Communication
11. Making Oral Presentations The Role of Business Presentations Planning the Presentation Planning Team and Video Presentations Visual Aids for Business Presentations Practicing and Delivering the Presentation Post-Presentation Activities The 3Ps in Action (Problem, Process, Product): A Business Presentation
12. Employment Communication Preparing Your Résumé Writing Job-Application Letters Preparing for a Job Interview Conducting Yourself During the Interview Communicating After the Interview Business Etiquette The 3Ps in Action (Problem, Process, Product): An Application Letter Reference Manual A. Language Arts Basics B. Formatting Business Documents C. Common Types of Reports D.

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