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Complete downloadable Test Bank for Brief Guide to Biology 1st Edition by David Krogh. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Brief Guide to Biology
EDITION: 1st Edition
AUTHOR: David Krogh

Table of content

1. Science and the Real World
2. Chemistry and Life
3. Biological Molecules
4. Exploring Life’s Home: The Cell
5. On Life’s Edge: The Plasma Membrane
6. Powering Life: An Introduction to Energy
7. Supplying the Body with Energy
8. The Green World’s Gift: Photosynthesis
9. Genetics, Mitosis, and Cytokinesis
10. Preparing for Sexual Reproduction: Meiosis
11. Mendel and His Discoveries
12. Genetic Inheritance and Health
13. DNA Structure and Replication
14. How Proteins are Made
15. Biotechnology
16. How Life Was Shaped: An Introduction to Evolution
17. The Means of Evolution: Microevolution
18. Macroevolution: The Origin of Species
19. The History of Life on Earth
20. Microbes: The Diversity of Life 1
21. Fungi and Plants: The Diversity of Life 2
22. Animals: The Diversity of Life 3
23. Populations and Communities in Ecology
24. Ecosystems and Biomes

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