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Complete downloadable Solutions Manual for Physics Laboratory Experiments 7th Edition by Wilson. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Physics Laboratory Experiments
RESOURCE:Solutions Manual
EDITION: 7th Edition
AUTHOR: Wilson, Hernandez
PUBLISHER: Cengage Learning

Table of content

1. Experimental Uncertainty (Error) and Data Analysis.
2. Measurement Instruments (Mass, Volume, and Density).
3. (GL) The Scientific Method: The Simple Pendulum.
4. (TI-GL/CI) Uniformly Accelerated Motion (Includes TI free-fall spark timer apparatus method at end of experiment).
5. The Addition and Resolution of Vectors: The Force Table.
6. (TI-GL/CI) Newton’s Second Law: The Atwood Machine.
7. (TI/CI) Conservation of Linear Momentum.
8. (GL) Projectile Motion: The Ballistic Pendulum.
9. Centripetal Force.
10. (TI/CI) Friction.
11. (GL) Work and Energy.
12. (GL) Torques, Equilibrium, and Center of Gravity.
13. (GL) Simple Machines: Mechanical Advantage.
14. (TI/CI) Simple Harmonic Motion.
15. Standing Waves in a String.
16. The Thermal Coefficient of Linear Expansion.
17. Specific Heats of Metals.
18. Archimedes’ Principle: Buoyancy and Density.
19. Fields and Equipotentials.
20. (TI/CI) Ohm’s Law.
21. The Measurement of Resistance: Ammeter-Voltmeter Method and Wheatstone Bridge Method.
22. The Temperature Dependence of Resistance.
23. (TI/CI) Resistances in Parallel and Series.
24. Joule Heat.
25. The RC Time Constant (Manual Timing).
26. (TI/CI) The RC Time Constant (Electronic Timing).
27. Reflection and Refraction.
28. Spherical Mirrors and Lenses.
29. (TI) Polarized Light; (CI) Malus’s Law.
30. The Prism Spectrometer: Dispersion and Index of Refraction.
31. Line Spectra and Rydberg Constant.
32. (TI) The Transmission Grating: Measuring the Wavelengths of Light; (CI) Single-Slit and Double-Slit Diffraction.
33. Detection of Nuclear Radiation: The Geiger Counter.
34. Radioactive Half-Life.
35. The Absorption of Nuclear Radiation.
Experiments available only in customized orders:
36. (TI/CI) Rotational Motion and Moment of Inertia.
37. Conservation of Angular Momentum and Energy: The Ballistic Pendulum.
38. Elasticity: Young’s Modulus.
39. Air Column Resonance: The Speed of Sound in Air.
40. (TI) Latent Heats: Heats of Fusion and Vaporization of Water; (CI) Latent Heat of Fusion for Water.
41. Newton’s Law of Cooling: The Time Constant of a Thermometer.
42. The Potentiometer: emf and Terminal Voltage.
43. The Voltmeter and Ammeter.
44. Resistivity.
45. Multiloop Circuits: Kirchhoff’s Rules.
46. The Earth’s Magnetic Field.
47. Introduction to the Oscilloscope.
48. (TI/CI) Phase Measurements and Resonance in ac Circuits.
49. (TI/CI) Electromagnetic Induction.
50. The Mass of an Electron: e/m Measurement.

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