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Complete downloadable Solutions Manual for Exercises in Physical Geology 12th Edition by Hamblin. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Exercises in Physical Geology
RESOURCE:Solutions Manual
EDITION: 12th Edition
AUTHOR: Hamblin, Howard

Table of content

1. Minerals and Crystal Growth
2. Mineral Identification
3. Igneous Rocks
4. Sedimentary Rocks
5. Metamorphic Rocks
6. Geologic Time—Relative Dating
7. Maps and Aerial Photos
8. Landforms of the United States
9. Stream Erosion and Deposition
10. Mass Movement
11. Groundwater and Karst Topography
12. Valley Glaciation
13. Continental Glaciation
14. Shoreline Processes
15. Eolian Processes
16. Structural Geology
17. Seismology
18. Plate Tectonics
19. Divergent Plate Boundaries
20. Transform Plate Boundaries
21. Convergent Plate Boundaries
22. Plumes and Hotspots
23. Planetary Geology

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