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Complete downloadable Solutions Manual for Business Law Alternate Edition 11th Edition by Jentz. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Business Law Alternate Edition
RESOURCE:Solutions Manual
EDITION: 11th Edition
AUTHOR: Jentz, Miller, Cross
PUBLISHER: Cengage Learning

Table of content

1. Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning.
2. Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
3. Court Procedures.
4. Constitutional Authority to Regulate Business.
5. Ethics and Business Decision Making.
6. Intentional Torts.
7. Negligence and Strict Liability.
8. Intellectual Property and Internet Law.
9. Criminal Law and Cyber Crimes
10. Nature and Terminology.
11. Agreement.
12. Consideration.
13. Capacity and Legality.
14. Mistakes, fraud, and Voluntary Consent.
15. The Statute of Frauds–the Writing Requirement.
16. Third Party Rights.
17. Performance and Discharge.
18. Breach of Contract and Remedies.
19. E-Contracts and E-Signatures
20. The Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts.
21. Title, Risk, and Insurable Interest.
22. Performance and Breach of Sales and Lease Contracts.
23. Warranties and Product Liability.
24. The Function and Creation of Negotiable Instruments.
25. Transferability and Holder in Due Course.
26. Liability, Defenses, and Discharge.
27. Checks and Banking in the Digital Age.
28. Creditors’ Rights and Remedies.
29. Secured Transactions.
30. Bankruptcy Law.
31. Agency Formation and Duties.
32. Liability to Third Parties and Termination.
33. Employment and Labor Law.
34. Employment Discrimination.
35. Sole Proprietorships and Franchises.
36. Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships.
37. Limited Liability Companies and Special Business Forms.
38. Corporations-Formation and Financing.
39. Corporations-Directors, Officers, and Shareholders.
40. Corporations-Merger, Consolidation, and Termination.
41. Corporations-Securities Law and Corporate Governance.
42. Law for Small Businesses.
43. Administrative Law.
44. Consumer Law.
45. Environmental Law.
46. Antitrust Law in a Global Context.
47. Personal Property and Bailments.
48. Real Property and Landlord-Tenant Relationships.
49. Insurance.
50. Wills, Trusts, and Elder Law.
51. Professional Liability and Accountability.
52. International Law in a Global Economy. Appendices.

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