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Complete downloadable Solutions Manual for Automotive Technology Principles Diagnosis and Service 3rd Edition by Halderman. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Automotive Technology Principles Diagnosis and Service
RESOURCE:Solutions Manual
EDITION: 3rd Edition
AUTHOR: Halderman

Table of content

Chapter 1-Automotive Background and Overview
Chapter 2-Careers in the Automotive Industry
Chapter 3-Starting a Career in the Automotive Industry
Chapter 4-Working as a Professional Service Technician
Chapter 5- Technician Certification
Chapter 6- Shop Safety
Chapter 7-Environmental and Health Concerns
Chapter 8-Fasteners and Thread Repair
Chapter 9-Hand Tools
Chapter 10-Power Tools and Shop Equipment
Chapter 11-Vehicle Hoisting
Chapter 12- Measuring Systems and Tools
Chapter 13-Scientific Principles and Materials
Chapter 14-Math, Charts, and Calculations
Chapter 15-Service Information
Chapter 16-Vehicle Identification and Emission Ratings
Chapter 17-Preventative Maintenance and Service Procedures
Chapter 18- Gasoline Engine Operation, Parts, and Specification
Chapter 19-Diesel Engine Operation, Parts, and Specifications
Chapter 20-Cooling System Operation and Diagnosis
Chapter 21-Lubrication System Operation and Diagnosis
Chapter 22- Intake and Exhaust Systems
Chapter 23-Turbocharging and Supercharging
Chapter 24-Engine Condition Diagnosis
Chapter 25- Engine Disassembly, Cleaning, and Crack Detection
Chapter 26-Cylinder Heads and Valves
Chapter 27- Camshafts and Valve Trains
Chapter 28- Pistons, Rings and Connecting Rods
Chapter 29-Engine Blocks, Crankshafts and Bearings
Chapter 30-Engine Blueprinting and Assembly
Chapter 31-Electrical Fundamentals
Chapter 32-Electrical Circuits and Ohm’s Law
Chapter 33-Series, Parallel, and Series-Parallel Circuits
Chapter 34-Digital Meters and Scope Usage
Chapter 35-Automotive Wiring and Wire Repair
Chapter 36-Wiring Schematics and Troubleshooting
Chapter 37-Capacitance and Magnetism
Chapter 38-Electronic Fundamentals
Chapter 39-Batteries and Battery Testing
Chapter 40-Cranking System Operation and Diagnosis
Chapter 41-Charging System Operation and Diagnosis
Chapter 42-Lighting and Signaling Circuits
Chapter 43-Driver Information and Navigation Systems
Chapter 44-Horn, Wiper, and Blower Motor Circuits
Chapter 45-Accessory Circuits
Chapter 46-Restraint Systems and Airbags
Chapter 47-Audio System Operation and Diagnosis
Chapter 48- Heating and Air Conditioning Components and Operation
Chapter 49-Automatic Air Conditioning System Diagnosis
Chapter 50-Heating ad Air Conditioning System Diagnosis
Chapter 51-Heating and Air Conditioning System Service
Chapter 52-Gasoline and Alternative Fuels
Chapter 53-Computer and Network Fundamentals
Chapter 54-On Board Diagnosis
Chapter 55- Computer Sensors
Chapter 56-Ignition System Components and Operation
Chapter 57-Ignition System Diagnosis and Service
Chapter 58-Fuel Pumps, Lines, and Filters
Chapter 59-Fuel-Injection Components and Operation
Chapter 60- Fuel Injection System Diagnosis and Service
Chapter 61-Vehicle Emission Standards and Testing
Chapter 62-Emission Control Devices Operation and Diagnosis
Chapter 63-Scan Tools and Engine Performance Diagnosis
Chapter 64-Hybrid Electric Vehicle Fundamentals
Chapter 65-Hybrid Electric Vehicle Safety Procedures
Chapter 66-Fuel Cells and Advanced Technologies
Chapter 67-Brake System Components and Performance Standards
Chapter 68-Braking System Principles
Chapter 69-Brake Hydraulic Systems
Chapter 70-Hydraulic Valves and Switches
Chapter 71-Brake Fluid and Lines
Chapter 72-Brake Bleeding Methods and Procedures
Chapter 73-Wheel Bearings and Service
Chapter 74-Drum Brake Parts and Operation
Chapter 75-Drum Brake Diagnosis and Service
Chapter 76-Disc Brake Parts and Operation
Chapter 77-Disc Brake Diagnosis and Service
Chapter 78-Parking Brake Operation, Diagnosis, and Service
Chapter 79-Machining Brake Drum and Rotors
Chapter 80-Power-Assisted Brake Device Operation and Diagnosis
Chapter 81-Antilock Brake and Traction Control Systems
Chapter 82-ABS Diagnosis and Service
Chapter 83- Tires and Wheels
Chapter 84-Tire and Wheel Service
Chapter 85-Suspension System Components and Operation
Chapter 86-Front Suspension and Service
Chapter 87-Rear Suspension and Service
Chapter 88-Electronic Suspension Systems
Chapter 89-Steering Columns and Gears
Chapter 90-Steering Linkage and Service
Chapter 91-Power Assisted Steering Operation and Service
Chapter 92-Wheel Alignment Principles
Chapter 93-Alignment Diagnosis and Service
Chapter 94-Clutches
Chapter 95-Manual Transmission/Transaxles
Chapter 96-Drive Shafts and CV Joints
Chapter 97-Drive Axles Shaft and CV Joint Service
Chapter 98-Differentials
Chapter 99- Four-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive
Chapter 100-Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Principles
Chapter 101-Hydraulic Components and Control Systems
Chapter 102-Automatic Transmission/Transaxles Diagnosis and In-Vehicle Service
Chapter103-Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Service Unit Repair Appendix 1- ASE Certification Test Correlation Chart
Appendix 2- NATEF Correlation Chart

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