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Complete downloadable Solutions Manual for Astronomy Today 6th Edition by Chaisson. INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE INFORMATION
TITLE: Astronomy Today
RESOURCE:Solutions Manual
EDITION: 6th Edition
AUTHOR: Chaisson, McMillan

Table of content

Chapter 1. Charting The Heavens: The Foundations of Astronomy
Chapter 2. The Copernican Revolution: The Birth of Modern Science
Chapter 3. Radiation: Information from the Cosmos
Chapter 4. Spectroscopy: The Inner Workings of Atoms
Chapter 5. Telescopes: The Tools of Astronomy
Chapter 6. The Solar System: An Introduction to Comparative Planetology
Chapter 7. Earth: Our Home in Space
Chapter 8. The Moon and Mercury: Scorched and Battered Worlds
Chapter 9. Venus: Earth’s Sister Planet
Chapter 10. Mars: A Near Miss for Life?
Chapter 11. Jupiter: Giant of the Solar System
Chapter 12. Saturn: Spectacular Rings and Mysterious Moons
Chapter 13. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto: The Outer Worlds of the Solar System
Chapter 14. Solar System Debris: Keys to Our Origin
Chapter 15. The Formation of Planetary Systems: The Solar System and Beyond
Chapter 16. The Sun: Our Parent Star
Chapter 17. Measuring the Stars: Giants, Dwarfs, and the Main Sequence
Chapter 18. The Interstellar Medium: Gas and Dust Among the Stars
Chapter 19. Star Formation: A Traumatic Birth
Chapter 20. Stellar Evolution: The Life and Death of a Star
Chapter 21. Stellar Explosions: Novae, Supernovae, and the Formation of the Elements
Chapter 22. Neutron Stars and Black Holes: Strange States of Matter
Chapter 23. The Milky Way Galaxy: A Spiral in Space
Chapter 24. Galaxies: Building Blocks of the Universe
Chapter 25. Galaxies and Dark Matter: The Large-Scale Structure of the Cosmos
Chapter 26. Cosmology: The Big Bang and the Fate of the Universe
Chapter 27. The Early Universe: Toward the Beginning of Time
Chapter 28. Life In The Universe: Are We Alone?

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